Magic Men

I decided that it was not wisdom that enabled [poets] to write their poetry, but a kind of instinct or inspiration, such as you find in seers and prophets who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean.
Socrates, In "Apology," sct. 21, by Plato

Rouse up, O Young Men of the New Age! set your foreheads against the ignorant Hirelings! For we have Hirelings in the Camp, the Court, and the University, who would, if the could for ever depress Mental and prolong Corporeal War.
William Blake

See ,the barrier is thinning
See, The mental prison''s dry-rot walls
Intend to awareness and
Observe streams of
Extraterrestrial images
Ask and you shall receive opportunity.
Knock and the door will be opened unto you.
Opportunity is a Door to Action
See,No knowledge will every be new
See,No belief will ever be the future
See, No idea is freedom
See, the layered masks of sorcerers
Feel, the NOW present experience
Regain your strength of spirit
The spirit brings inner peace, the truth
Shine, the truth ever-present
Speak silently, break the spells
Speak calmly, listening to friends
Strive, to grow, strive to outgrow
Grow, to accelerate, flowing with the Field
Observe, the action of accelerating
Fear, as illusive as sorcerer
Afraid are the sorcerer, because
Magic Men reveal their tricks
Magic Men must assert their leadership
Magic Men awaken your strength
Cascades of inner peace
Piercing the darkness
Manifest your Now visions
Help your clan to awaken, to be come Magic Men also
One who can teach 100 men who each teach 100 men is a master.
The Singularity is near.

There are mountains of knowledge and starscapes of ideas. Use your total attention to sense the universe. Its so big it might as will be infinite.

Hey sorcerers! Are you afraid of Magic Men with Magic Bubbles? Yes.
Is not fear and deception the lowest vibration of creation? Is it not easily dissipated by the vibrations of honest synthesense?

What are sorcerers? They are extremely intelligent and clever individuals. They understand that the word is not the thing....And the the thing itself is a symbol too....It is a visual language created with arbitrary bounded energy foci. The landscape of oneness infinitely subdivided into intermixing foci.
Unfortunately they use their sight for small petty power goals using fear and deception. Sorcerers are those strivers which never face fear and conquer it inside. They are trapped by desire for power. Always fearful they covet their secrets. Their weapons are symbol matrices. Only a few to rule so many.
Sorcerers know that no one is in control. Natural order a.k.a. Chaos occurs spontaneous, presently, eternally. That''s why they twist our perception to fear it. Their desire for power is a result of their deep fear. Fear which twists the heart until the heart enjoys being hurt and hurting others.

Magic Men have faced fear and found courage. Magic men see Chaos in power and are not afraid. They feel their power and are not afraid of losing it. Therefore they have to need to lord power over others. The power of a Magic Men is his intimate connections with his family, tribe, culture, nation, and nature. Power is creation of allies. Power is cooperation with all others. Power is seeing what is and honestly passing formations on to others.

Magic Men see the thing as a symbol in an amazing visual language landscape. All the universe on every fractal level is a language being expressed as itself. Anyone can communicate with any person to matter where on this globe they''re from with body language and visual communication. Eventually sign language will develop. The entire universe is sign language. And the great part is we can program it. See how you program your world. You are doing it now. You''ve programmed yourself and others have programmed you too. Magic Men objectively see the programs and alter and connect them to suit their needs. Or they simple obliterate harmful or unnecessary images. This defeats the image sickness known as depression.

Magic Men create ideas, forms,and new combinations and project these visions into the world with conscious action. Magic Men understand what is most powerful, see the tremendous power that is world (universe), and synthesensactia flowing with nature''s grounding.

Magic Men are receptive to the radiation of extraterrestrial ideas. Conscious manipulation of the receptive apparatus''s frequency. Wow we what do we be. We are not our thoughts, images, ideas, or beliefs. Yet we do sense thoughts, ideas, etc... The incredible electric landscape of interweaving universal neural networks connecting all pervasive intelligence and forming foci of intelligence so energetic that physical manifestations proliferate. The landscape of idea-images interwoven with the neural network is as natural as this "physical" landscape we "see" everyday.

Magic men see these thoughts as they are, objectively. These thoughts and ideas are not who we are, they are tools. And when the tool is no longer necessary it is sat on the shelf.

Magic men learn to use the tools to create flows of action. Long is their vision. Seeds are sown and patience is loved for years; ideas grow and mature. Grounded with nature''s movement and there is only one movement. Only because of subjective perspective we have habitual boundary illusions. Bounded illusions are what we can things. Blocks of wood, houses, hammers, etc. Due to our ability to observe therefore collapsing the quantum states do we "see" fixed solid objects. The reality is much different. All objects are spread, intermixing, outwardly and inwardly toward infinity. Once seen they focus in a particular location with specific(nearly) boundaries.

Living ideas reproduce and propagate via any intelligent communicative apparatus (humans, whales, pine trees.)

Alas the negative warriors, the sorcerers have a head start. The greed, money, low power say immediately the vulnerability of the masses. Honest men have been unaware of and how to counter against the new most powerful weapon in the world: public relations. Edward Bernays was the first modern worldwide sorcerer. Exempting the priests and popes of course. Sorcerers spread their images and hypnotize individuals who observe the instilled images and therefore collapse the quantum state creating their desired reality.

But like lysol, which kills 99.9% of germs, .1% lives and those are some tough bacteria. Same thing for people. Dominate 99.9% of the peoples beliefs, mythos, images, and minds but that 1% actually learns whats going on and becomes smart and strong. Eventually even the most brilliant organized domination system will crack from the inside the creators will create beauty out of the wreckage of folly.

Magic men are growing everyday and they speak honestly the truth. And as if by magic action will spread like ripples in a pond. Magic Men must restore honest to all forms of media. Magic men must expose the sorcerers. Expose them and then ignore them. Silent exile. Their only strength is our own belief in their images. Without that they are paper in the wind. Fear is their main tool. Fear means: False Events Assumed Real. Illusions. 300 million people without fear will observe an incredible quantum state and thus collapse the world into an amazing place.

Science is a powerful linguistic tool and we are encountering a natural language of tremendous power with quantum understanding. Now it is only the observer collapsing quantum states. Materialism is shown to be illusion. Hear me Magic Men. Observe, and collapse the quantum flux to a state of your choosing. The sorcerers know this. We can observe them as ants and collapse their quantum state to a black hole.


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